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M.E.G. Travel Service Inc. offers a wide range of enchanting tour excursions and travel plans to make your trips to Japan more enjoyable, fulfilling and memorable.
Whether you’re wishing to cover all the must-see sights, expecting a relaxing stay in the forest or by the sea,              or looking for adventurous destinations and experiences, our experienced and knowledgeable advisors will assist you in creating your perfect travel itinerary!

We are able to suggest standard plans, as well as recommend a variety of unique options catered to your interests.


Our travel advisors are qualified national tour guides in Japan.

Our team is up to date on seasonal trends, popular attractions, and the best locations in each city and region.

We can recommend hidden destinations that cannot be found in travel books or internet sites.

"M.E.G.Travel Service" stands for Marvelous Escort and Guide Travel Service.

We provide qualified, well-trained guides in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Our guides are passionate about entertaining you, providing with much more helpful information and making sure you feel taken care of from the start to the finish.

We are looking forward to creating and serving the unforgettable journey for you.



Travel Arrangements for FIT and Tour Groups    
We can arrange specific requests, such as accommodation, vehicles, restaurants, train tickets, tour guides and so on.
We also offer day trips and cultural experience options that you can add in your itinerary.
Selections of Japanese travel packages 
We have ready-made packages for you to select, from short stays to long vacations. 
The ready-made packages are flexible, and can be amended to meet any personal requests.
Planning a personalized and exclusive trip 
If you already have specific ideas about things you’d like to do and see, we are happy to offer tailor-made plans. 
If you have only vague ideas, we will work with you to plan a unique and truly extraordinary trip! 
Information and assistance for dietary requirements
Unfortunately, it is still not easy for individuals with dietary regulations to find Japanese foods that comply with their diet.
For example, we are able to offer gluten-free options in our tour packages and provide travel tips for gluten-free individuals.
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